How to make money playing EAFC?

Albert Fang

Feb 26, 2024

Win money playing EA Sports FC

Want to win money playing EA Sports FC 24? Players’ Lounge is the best place to win money playing online video games like EAFC on Xbox and PlayStation. Here on Players’ Lounge, you can wager on head-to-head EAFC games, play in free EAFC tournaments, and win cash playing your favorite video games. Players' Lounge provides a secure and competitive environment, ensuring fair play and rewarding skill. Thousands of players play in our free tournaments each month. With our proprietary skill-based matchmaking system, you will always play others with similar skills. Whether you're a seasoned EAFC veteran or a rising star, the platform caters to all skill levels, offering a variety of gaming modes to suit individual preferences. Players’ Lounge has paid out over $200,000,000 in prizes to players. That’s right. 200 Million Dollars! Sign up for free on Players’ Lounge and play in wager matches, play in paid tournaments with big prizes, or play for free in EAFC tournaments with the PL+ Subscription.

EA Sports FC wagers on Players’ Lounge

It’s super easy to win money playing EAFC 24 on Players’ Lounge. It’s free to make an account. You can sign up on the web or download our iOS App from the App Store for the best wagering experience. Sign up for free to start making money playing EAFC. Whether you are on PS4, Xbox One, or the new-gen consoles, we can always match you up against a similarly skilled opponent within a minute. You can wager $5, $50, $500 or $5,000 per game on EAFC!

EA Sports FC tournaments on Players’ Lounge

You can win money playing in EAFC 24 tournaments every day on Players’ Lounge! Play in free tournaments on Xbox or Playstation and earn cash prizes playing EAFC. With cash prizes on the line for every single tournament, it is an exhilarating experience. We also offer a PL+ Subscription, which allows you to play in tons of free EAFC tournaments each month for big cash prizes at one low cost. Here's a $100 tournament that we host every week.

How many players get paid out in EA Sports FC tournaments

All of our EAFC tournaments offer cash prizes. No other platforms are offering this! By winning an EAFC tournament, you can win up to $500. We host a ton of EAFC tournaments every night and with a PL+ Subscription, you can enter all of them for free. Even if you don't win, most tournaments pay out the top 32 players. We make sure that you don't leave empty-handed.

What is lounge credit and how does it work

Lounge credit is a type of promotional cash that you earn on Players' Lounge from playing EAFC for money. You can earn lounge credits either from winning a tournament or from playing head-to-head matches as a PL+ subscriber. You can even redeem your lounge credits for cash.

How do I deposit money on Players’ Lounge

If you want to make a lot of cash playing on Players’ Lounge, the fastest way to do so is by playing 1v1 EAFC wagers. We also have a big prize pool for EAFC tournaments all the time. And don’t forget about our free EAFC tournaments with cash prizes with the PL+ Subscription. You can deposit on Players’ Lounge with your debit or credit card or PayPal account.

How do I withdraw money from Players’ Lounge

It’s super easy to withdraw your winnings on Players’ Lounge. You can withdraw cash whenever you want with PayPal.

Rules for playing EAFC on Players’ Lounge

We know you’re a competitive EAFC player. We offer the most competitive rules for playing EAFC. Any team. No legacy defending. 5-minute halves. We also have specific rules to prevent players from cheesing wins or exploiting glitches. For more information about the rules of playing EAFC on Players’ Lounge, you can click here to read more.

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