MLB The Show 24 Drops Friday This Week

George Amadeo

Feb 13, 2024

You can play MLB The Show 4 days early if you preorder certain editions

Next Tuesday, MLB The Show 24 will be fully playable on Tuesday, March 19th for all versions of the game. However, if you preorder the Digital Deluxe, Negro Leagues, or MVP versions of the game, you can play MLB The Show 24 4 days early, with it becoming fully available on March 15th for those who preorder those select versions of the game. Naturally, these editions are more pricey, ranging from $124.99 for the Negro League edition, $99.99 for the Digital Deluxe edition, and $84.99 for the MVP edition. These versions of the game also come with different in-game rewards that will help bolster your Diamond Dynasty teams and give you a head start on your competition!

MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues edition

MLB The Show 24 Is Introducing 16 New Legends to the game

Baseball fans who purchase MLB The Show to play with their favorite players of all time will be thrilled with the announcement of 16 new legends to MLB The Show 24. While new Legends are expected to be released periodically throughout the MLB season, the 16 new legends who are joining the over 190 legends to be available at launch in the hit baseball game, consist of Tony Oliva, Brian Dozier, Adrian Beltre, Paul O’Neill, Josh Gibson, Andy Pettitte, Buck Leonard, Henry Aaron, Bernie Williams, Toni Stone, Andrew Miller, John Kruk, Richie Sexson, Rich Aurilia, Rafael Palmeiro, and Johan Santana. Which new legend are you most excited to play with on MLB The Show 24?

Logo For MLB The Show 24, featuring cover athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr

New Gameplay changes are coming to MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 comes with a plethora of gameplay updates that should give MLB The Show 24 a refreshing and realistic feel! Of these changes that are of note which was announced recently by MLB The Show, are an additional 400+ gameplay animations and logic improvements. These animations are crucial to the lifeblood of the game, and will hopefully provide a great aesthetic to the newest version of MLB The Show. The logic improvements should provide an additional realistic feel to the game. A point of emphasis for this game's development was the improvement of AI mechanics, making them smarter and more reactive. All of these things and more give MLB The Show 24 the opportunity to be the greatest version of the legendary game yet. 

MLB The Show 24 is available on Xbox, Playstation, and the Nintendo Switch

MLB The Show 24 will be fully supported on Players’ Lounge!

Just like the previous edition of the game, MLB The Show 24 will be available to play on Players’ Lounge once it releases on March 15th! Players’ Lounge will not only have regular teams, where you can play as your favorite MLB team but also Diamond Dynasty, where you can play with your teams with cards that you earn for money! Players’ Lounge gives users the unique opportunity to make money by playing the games that they enjoy with others. Players’ Lounge will also have MLB The Show 24 tournaments, many of which will be FREE to join with a PL+ subscription, which gives you free access to exclusive tournaments that have over 100k in prizes, with many of these tournaments sure to be MLB The Show! We look forward to seeing you on Players’ Lounge playing against your friends and rivals on MLB The Show 24 for money soon!

MLB The Show 24 will be on Players’ Lounge!

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