How to win your Call of Duty Warzone games?


Feb 19, 2024

The release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the relatively new release of Call of Duty Warzone, which is one of the most entertaining and popular multiplayer Battle Royale video games to be released in recent years, has opened up a lot of Esports competition, which has driven the skill level of all players to the moon. As we all know, trying to win a Warzone match when there are many other highly skilled gamers in a match can be difficult, but with this article and the strategies, you can start to rack up those wins. Read until the end to catch some real money-making Warzone tips while gaming.


Identify your preferred game mode

There are a few modes currently available in Call of Duty Warzone. Picking the one that suits you and is best tailored to your strategy is key. We have the standard Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads. If you have a squad that you play with then picking this mode is quite straightforward. If you don’t have a dedicated squad that you play with then this choice can be a big challenge. Here are a few strategies to decide what mode is best for you. If you have strong communication skills and are looking to form a squad for competitive Esports gaming, you can either queue up and find a squad or go to our Players' Lounge Discord community which is best for finding you your perfect gaming teammates to play with. 

Map Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of a map is critical to winning matches. Urzikstan and Fortunes Keep both have hidden pathways that can give players advantages when taking on gun fights. Identifying little advantages like this is key when going for wins while playing any Esports-style video game. Specifically on Fortunes Keep, if you land towards The Keep, there are many passages that players need to be familiar with to secure victory.

Identify Hot Drops


On Urzikstan, there are many hot drops. Landing Old Town is extremely popular for players who are looking for high kills as it provides easy rotations to other parts of the map via redeploy drones. If you are looking to play on the Players’ Lounge app and earn a high amount of kills this landing zone could be for you. On the other side of the coin if you are looking to secure the win then landing in spots like Hadiqa Farms and the Levin Resort can result in high-tier loot and the ability to rotate without the fear of multiple players/teams converging on your location.

Fortunes Keep

The hot drops on Fortunes Keep are the Keep and the Grotto. When playing for high-kill matches like those to be played on the Players Lounge app, you can land there and earn a high amount of kills and rotate very easily by utilizing redeploy balloons. If you are looking to go exclusively for wins, then landing at the Camp and the Smuggler’s Cove can provide lowkey looting environments so that you can get set up for the win.

Contracts in Warzone


These are the best contracts for winning games.  To complete this contract, you must first pick it up. This is what the contract looks like. Be careful when capturing the objective as it shoots a flare up in the sky to alert other players that the contract is being done. If you can complete the contract you will be rewarded with the next circle rotation, allowing you to prepare and set up for the end game.


It is important to understand that if you lose a game while playing Warzone it is not the end of the world. Just like any other multiplayer game, The best thing to do is to understand why you lost so that you can never make that mistake again. At the end of the day, short of unlucky events, most losses are user error. If you can identify what these flaws are in your gameplay then you will become an unstoppable force in any Warzone match. Keep a positive mental attitude and you will improve your gameplay while also having fun.


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