How to make money playing Call of Duty

George Amadeo

Mar 31, 2024

Win Real Money Playing Call of Duty on Players’ Lounge 

Call of Duty is truly a pioneer in the gaming community, the first and arguably most successful FPS game, Call of Duty has truly evolved throughout the years and impressively has not only kept but grown its massive fanbase throughout the years. Players’ Lounge is proud to have daily Call of Duty content and give users the chance to win real money on Call of Duty. You can even make real money playing a typical Warzone match, and bet on things like the number of kills you get, where you place within your Warzone match, and if you actually win the match. These matches can be played with your friend in a duos or squads match as well, and you can now bet up to $50 on yourself in each individual match! 

Call of Duty Warzone

Play in Call of Duty Tournaments

Players’ Lounge Call of Duty tournaments give users a chance at money and glory. You can truly make a name for yourself in the Call of Duty scene if you start to place well in, and especially win Call of Duty tournaments on Players’ Lounge. What makes Players’ Lounge tournaments so unique, is these tournaments usually pay out the top 32 players and often even more than that. This gives not only the best players a chance to make real money on Players’ Lounge, but people still looking to gain experience as well. We also recommend streaming your Players’ Lounge tournament and wager matches, as both tournaments and wagers are great content that can help you gain viewership in the Call of Duty space, you can even link your Twitch account to your Players’ Lounge account!

COD Rebirth Island is BACK next week

For Season 3 of Call of Duty, it was announced that the legendary Rebirth Island will be returning for Season 3, on April 3rd. The hype video that the Call of Duty page dropped on X has amassed over a million views, and fans are eager to drop in Rebirth Island next week! Rebirth Island is making its return after a 2-year hiatus, last appearing in the Call of Duty franchise back in 2022. The map is a favorite for many Call of Duty players due to its appeasing graphics and nonstop action. Once Rebirth Island is available on April 3rd, you’ll be able to drop in on Rebirth Island on Players’ Lounge! 

Rebirth Island

Make your name in Call of Duty on Players’ Lounge

Whether it’s playing regular Warzone games, playing Warzone with your boys, or playing in our Players’ Lounge tournaments, Players’ Lounge has all of your Call of Duty gameplay covered! Whether you’re a casual Call of Duty player getting into the Call of Duty world, or a Call of Duty veteran, Players’ Lounge will have a great Call of Duty experience that is personally catered to your skillset. Whether it's Warzone games or Call of Duty tournaments on Players’ Lounge, we believe in the ability to bet on yourself. Drop in on Rebirth Island and play Call of Duty on Players' Lounge today. Sign up and get $5 immediately to jump-start your gaming experience!

Drop in on Rebirth Island on Players’ Lounge today, the number 1 place to play Call of Duty for real money!

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