EA Sports Drops NCAA College Football 25 Trailer to Record Views

George Amadeo

Feb 20, 2024

Ea Sports College Football 25 has hype rarely seen before

Finally, after over 10 long years, EA Sports College Football is back and the hype is palpable. The football community has been clamoring for another EA Sports college football game since it was last released in 2014, with NCAA Football 14. Fans were beginning to doubt that EA Sports NCAA Football would be released due to NIL rules and the jarring amount of time since the last release of the franchise. The first trailer for the much-anticipated college football video game reached a massive audience with a staggering amount of views that is now well over 28 MILLION on X. To compare, the first trailer for Madden NFL 24, had 14 million views. In fact, the most ever viewed college football game of all time, the 2006 thrilling 42-39 win for Ohio State over Michigan, amassed just over 21 million views, meaning that EA Sports College Football’s teaser trailer has more views than the highest rated college football game of all time. With great hype, however, comes great expectations, and 10 years of hype is more than enough to produce expectations rarely seen before. 

As the picture says. Yeah, it’s really happening.

EA Announces EA Sports College Football 25 to be a summertime release

The teaser trailer that broke the internet did not feature any gameplay, and that is expected to be released in May. Along with this, EA announced that they will have a summertime release, which makes sense given that Madden releases about a month before the NFL season starts. It is a pretty safe assumption that EA will be going in a similar route with its College Football franchise. EA has not released an official release date yet, just that it’ll be a summertime release, however, fans are speculating due to the May reveal, that the game will likely be released in July. In fact, a report recently in The Athletic stated that the game is likely to be released in July. Also not confirmed but widely speculated, is the high probability of EA Sports NCAA Football being a cross-platform game, since Madden NFL 24, the most recent version of Madden, was the first cross-platform game of the EA Madden franchise.

 Official Logo for EA Sports College Football 25

No Cover Athlete has been named yet

Over 10 years ago, Michigan’s quarterback at the time Denard Robinson graced the cover of NCAA Football 14. Now, you can vote on what school will be on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 25 here! Unlike in years past, it appears that the cover athlete will be a school instead of an individual player since you can vote for what school will be on the cover, but not what player. This has been speculated as the reason due to the evolving NIL landscape in sports. Michigan has been widely speculated as a heavy favorite to be on the cover due to recently winning the College Football National Championship, but what school do you want on the cover of Ea Sports NCAA Football 25?

Cover for NCAA Football 14, the last EA NCAA Football game, until now.

NCAA Football WILL be on Players’ Lounge!!

Players’ Lounge prides itself on being the NUMBER 1 place to play Madden, 2K, EAFC. MLB The Show and more for money, and we here at Players’ Lounge can't wait to add NCAA Football to that list! This not only includes our daily wagers but also tournaments with prize pools in the thousands as well. Similar to EA NFL Madden 24, we will have both regular team tournaments and wagers as well as Ultimate Team tournaments if College Football 25 has the game mode (which is highly expected too). Players’ Lounge is partnered with Madden players such as Dubby, Kmac, Problem, RagUsa, and the champ himself Henry, and you and be sure to expect these partnerships to carry over into EA Sports College Football 25! You can make a Players’ Lounge account on the web, or via our iOS App, and we will have tons of NCAA Football perks and tournaments for our PL+ subscribers as well! Which team will you be using on Day 1 of EA Sports College Football 25?

PL+ Will have an abundance of EA Sports NCAA Football 25 content!

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