EA Expanding Apex Legends Beyond Battle Royale

George Amadeo

Mar 9, 2024

Why is EA Changing the Apex Legends Landscape? 

While EA Sports has several high-grossing games such as Madden, Apex Legends is perhaps among its most lucrative, with an estimated 18 million active players monthly. Why is this important? Apex Legends was released 5 years ago and has been a consistent cash cow for EA, but this sustainability is not guaranteed. EA must keep Apex Legends growing at the massive rate that it has. To achieve this, EA has announced a major pending change to the beloved Apex franchise that has captured the gaming and battle royale world's attention. 

Ea Sports Apex Legends

Apex Legends Expansion Beyond Battle Royale

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson’s announcement about Apex Legends expanding came as a shock to the Apex Legends community. This announcement comes at the heels of EA  announcing layoffs, of which they’ve been criticized. EA has spoken at length about the success of the most recent season of Apex Legends, season 20. In fact, according to EA’s quarter earnings review, since its release in 2019, Apex Legends has made over 2 billion dollars for the franchise. EA has not gone into details yet about Apex Legends' evolution from Battle Royale, however, EA did say how they want to make Apex Legends more “new user friendly.” The next question for EA on improving Apex, according to Wilson, is “How do we think about more modalities of play, how do you expand beyond the traditional battle royale universe?”  

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EA Believes this Expansion can lead to Incredible Growth

While EA has been intentionally vague about what this expansion consists of, they’ve been adamant about how it will grow the player pool for Apex Legends. When talking about the potential growth for Apex, Andrew Wilson was adamant about it, saying “But in the growth of franchises, we do see ebbs and flows, and where we’ve gotten to with Apex, is we’ve got that first cohort of community that has been with us now for five years, and it’s big, it’s large, it’s global and it’s deeply engaged.” Apex Legends has the potential to be the highest-grossing game of all time for EA, and they are doing everything in their power to build on the user base that spans over 100 million people.

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