Best teams to use in NBA2K24

George Amadeo

Feb 29, 2024

There are more stars in today’s NBA than perhaps ever before. Almost every NBA team has a cornerstone player that they want to build around both for the present and the future. This is both an exciting time for the NBA and for NBA2K24 players. Now, more than ever before, you can use a variety of teams and compete at the highest level. Which is why it was so tough to make the top 4 best teams on the NBA2K24 list. After much deliberation and debate with the Players’ Lounge team, here it is. 

4. Clippers

Perhaps in this 2K, more than any other 2K NBA2K24 is truly a game in which many versatile teams can be used. No team, however, is more versatile than the LA Clippers. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard give you two truly elite defenders, especially Kawhi Leonard, who is arguably the best defender in the game and has some of the best defensive badges on the game. Kawhi processes gold badges in almost every important defensive badge, including right stick ripper, clamps, pick dodger, challenger, and interceptor. The Clippers offense is also elite, led by James Harden, who has 16 playmaking badges including gold dimer, and is also an elite finisher and shooter.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George of the LA Clippers

3. Bucks

You can make a legitimate case for the Milkawee Bucks to be the best team on NBA2K24. Giannis is just as dominant in the game as he is in real life, and Damian Lillard is a sniper that the defense cannot think about leaving. They also have great shooters surrounding Giannis, Bobby Portis has a surprisingly great jump shot and Middleton is a solid secondary option. What keeps the Bucks from being higher on the list, is also what has pledged them throughout the season, is the lack of on-ball defenders. You need defenders with badges such as clamps to keep the ball handler from blowing by you and breaking down the defense and the Bucks lack this, besides Giannis being the best off-ball defender in the game, they miss the on-ball handler that they use to have in Jrue Holiday, who would consistently put the ball handler in tough positions. With that being said, Giannis and Dame are more than enough to give you a great chance of beating any team on NBA2K24.

Giannis Antetokounmpo on NBA2K24

2. Lakers

The Lake Show checks in at the number 2 spot, led by the ageless wonder Lebron James, who despite being in year 21 of his NBA career, and still a 96 overall dominating force. Combined with Anthony Davis, who is arguably the best defensive big man in the game while also having the ability to dominate non-elite centers in the post and on the glass. The 2024 Lakers would be a surefire number 1 on almost any other 2k due to their elite size and athleticism, but the number 1 team on NBA2K24 is truly one that is elite everywhere.

Lebron James on NBA2K24

1. Celtics

The team with the best record in the NBA, the Boston Celtics come in at the number 1 spot in NBA2K24 as well. A big part of competitive 2K in the Regular Teams game mode is attacking the mismatch and the Boston Celtics are simply a team without a mismatch. The Celtics defense is led by all-NBA defender Jrue Holiday, but if you set a pick to try to force a switch, you have Derrick White, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown in the wings. Porzingis is also a surprisingly capable defender and provides great size for rebounding as well. Offensively the Celtics can go to the 5 outset almost at will, processing arguably the best spacing in the game with the newly acquired Kristaps Porzingis spacing the floor. Brown and Tatum are elite at getting to the basket and Derrick White is more than capable of getting by a defender without clamps. With that being said, something truly unique and great about this 2K is the team variance. You don’t have to use the Celtics to compete with the best and many don’t! Any of these teams in the top 4 are capable of beating any team in the game and there are even some teams that weren’t mentioned, like OKC and Minnesota among others, that can also be used at the highest level.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics

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