Best teams to use in EA Madden NFL 24

George Amadeo

Mar 2, 2024

With abilities being such a pivotal part of Madden 24, your team selection is crucial to being a winning player. Quarterback abilities are perhaps the most important abilities in this Madden. There are velocity abilities that increase the speed at which the quarterback throws the ball, thus making it harder for the defense to react to the pass. Abilities also exist that speed up the quarterback's release in the pocket, making it harder for the blitz to come in. Your quarterback having these abilities is imperative to you sustaining a successful offensive attack. As you’ll see from this list of the best teams in Madden 24 while quarterback abilities are far from the only factor, all of these teams have one thing in common, quarterbacks with the set feet lead ability, which, “adds increased velocity to bullet passes which allows you to complete passes in tighter windows.” 

4. Bengals

Coming in at number 4 is the Cincinnati Bengals, although Joe Burrow’s NFL season ended abruptly due to a shoulder injury, he’s fully healthy on Madden 24. Burrow leads a Bengals receiving core that's one of if not the best in Madden, led by Jamar Chase with an impressive 93 overall rating, the Bengals are a team that's almost impossible to run man coverage against, as Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd are more than capable of winning their matchup as well. Running back Joe Mixon also provides a real running option, with a 91 juke to fake out the defender. The Bengals aren’t quite on the same level as the next 3 teams, but they are certainly capable of scoring with any team on Madden 24.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. 

3. Bills

The Buffalo Bills could potentially have multiple Super Bowls if not for number 15 on the Chiefs. The 27-year-old Josh Allen is a 92 overall with 88 speed which will outrun most defensive ends and linebackers chasing him on the blitz. Allen’s ability to extend plays makes the Bills among the toughest to generate consistent pressure on, and while Stefon Diggs dropped from a 96 overall at launch to a 92 overall today, he’s still among the best receivers in Madden 24. Rookie tight end out of Utah Dalton Kincaid processes an 86-speed rating despite only being a 79 overall, making him a great target against man coverage in Madden. Defensively, the Bills have a strong secondary led by Tre’Davious White and Micah Hyde. Buffalo gets this top 3 ranking due to not only their potent offense but their strong defense as well.

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills

2. Jets

Similar to the Bengals, whose title aspirations were dashed due to an injury to their star quarterback, the Jets season, in essence, lasted 4 plays, until Aaron Rodger's season was over due to his torn Achilles. Fortunately, on Madden Rodgers is fully healthy, and possesses the best release in Madden 24, getting the ball out faster than any other quarterback. The offense is led by the duo of wide receiver Garrett Wilson and running back Breece Hall. Defensively, the Jets defense is the best in Madden 24, dominant at all areas on the field. Madden 24 does a great job of giving Jets fans a look at what could’ve been.

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers

1. Chiefs

The back-to-back Super Bowl champs rank as the best team on Madden 24. Mid-season, Patrick Mahomes was given the hot route master ability, this ability gives each position unlimited hot routes. While everyone knows about NFL superstar Travis Kelce, perhaps the skill player on the Chiefs that made them the best team in Madden, was Super Bowl hero Mecole Hardman. Hardman gives the Chiefs a speed threat that they didn’t previously have. Despite Hardman only being a 77 overall, he has a 96 speed rating which makes running press man coverage without a safety over the top near impossible for almost all cornerbacks. Unlike previous years in Madden, the Chiefs defense also became a no-fly zone with the emergence of Trent McDuffie (89 overall) and L’Jarius Sneed (90 overall.) The Chiefs defense makes matching the offense that Mahomes brings nearly impossible for opponents, and the Super Bowl champs are undisputedly the best team on Madden 24.

Chiefs quarterback and back-to-back Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes

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