Best MUT cards and abilities to use on Madden 24

George Amadeo

Mar 16, 2024

The Best Quarterback in Madden 24 Ultimate Team Will Shock You

Madden Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in Madden 24. In the ultimate team game mode, you can make and customize your own team by earning cards that you can use on the field. The quarterback position is the most important in Madden, and abilities are also crucial to your quarterback's gameplay. While you may think the best quarterback in Madden 24 would be Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in fact doesn’t even play the position. The best quarterback is Bo Jackson this is due to the out-of-position promotion, giving players great cards for a position they don’t normally play. This Bo Jackson card has a traditional 4 release, arguably the best release in Madden. Alongside this, Bo Jackson comes with a 98 speed rating, and the best abilities in the game, gunslinger, hot route master, and set feet lead for only three ability points. You also want gift wrapped, which gives a massive catching boost to your entire team! 96 overall Bo Jackson is the quarterback you want on your Madden Ultimate Team.

Bo Jackson’s Madden 24 Quarterback Card 

The best MUT abilities you want for your defense

Madden 24 is all about abilities, you need certain abilities for your players to make better plays for your team. You only have a certain amount of AP (ability points) that you can use on your team, so it is important to know what abilities you want for your team. For your defense secondary, you’re looking for the cheapest AP combination of mid-zone and deep-zone KO. This is imperative to your defense because your players with this ability will get a pass breakup on way more passes in zone coverage, almost regardless of what the zone is due to both mid and deep-zone KOs. You want players with mid and deep zone KO for around 2 AP, an example is 97 overall Tariq Woolen, who not only has this but is also 6’4 with 98 speed. 

Tariq Woolen Madden 24 card

The best MUT abilities you want for your offense

The best Madden 24 ability for offense is Energizer. With Madden 24 being late in its game cycle, almost every card you’re going to use has high carry, meaning you can play on the balanced ball carrier feature without great risk of a fumble. For the energizer ability, you want players who get it for zero AP, which you can find here. For the offensive line, you want your players to have a discounted threat detector, which indicates what player is blitzing on 3rd and 4th down, and a discounted identifier, which indicates who the user defender is for your opponent. The options for discounted threat detectors are limited compared to identifiers, with only Dexter Lawrence and Andrew Whitworth getting it for one AP, making having one of them on your offensive line vital to your success.

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